I quit my real job selling real estate in California to follow my heart and create my bunky books.  Getting the word out about new kids picture books is far more challenging than I had expected.  Kids have so much more to do today than they did not that many years ago before the computer explosion.  I still believe books are important and different than reading from a device.  I wrote these books to bring healing colors, thoughts and images into the lives of the readers.  It's my contribution to our world.  It is  my path to helping the world be a better place.  

If you love elephants, you'll love my bunky books.  Miss Annie Elephant is my star character.  The illustrations are available and make wonderful pictures for any child's room.    Peace to all.

I am told there are 6 core values the schools are teaching and I am also told that
Bunky Books teach all of them.  They are: Trust Worthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  These Bunky Books also address friendship, self love and respect and the value of all of life including nature.

Most of the popular kids books come from Disney and the stories that have been told time and time again.  It is important to keep up with today's busy world and what our children have to deal with today.  These are important books and should be on everyone's shelves.  They are uplifting with their stories, images, colors and guidance quotes.

We have to get a job.  We have to earn enough money.  We have to do what we are told.  What if this wasn't true?  What if the truth is we create our lives by who we think we are and what we believe about life.  Getting over our distrust of our own power to create our lives can be a life long journey or it can happen in an ah ha moment.  I am one of those determined to prove to myself that I am in charge of my life and that it is up to me to choose what I will experience moment by moment.  Not an easy task but every time I consider doing something other than what I want to do, I become more determined to find a way to continue to be able to be the director of my own movie.  Stay focused people.  Lets make our worlds the dream we all are looking for!

Raising kids, working, finding time for other relationships and then finding time to nourish ourselves is a life time job.  Every day I squeeze as much into the day as I can so that I can feel that I actually accomplished something.  I'm lucky my kids are grown but I remember when I worked full time as a single mother and I know I didn't nurture my kids the way I would have liked.  My kids are wonderful people and I am grateful but I know there are many parents who feel overwhelmed with so much responsibility 24/7.  
I wrote my books because I wanted to give the kids and their parents a break and bring them into another world of positive images and thoughts.  I also wanted to teach some of what I have learned in my long life about healing, flower essences, meditation, music and all the things in life I find wonderful.
You can see most of the images from all 3 Bunky Books on my other website @bobetteart.com.  Please let me know your favorites....and tell your friends.